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Treasury & Cash Management in the ERA of the Next Normal

Inspiration via experience and best practices on how to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and automation in Treasury with SAP solutions.

27 AUGUST 2020 AT 14.30 – 16.00 CET

In this webinar, Nasarius will together with SAP take you through latest best practices across cash and liquidity management, financial risk management, and treasury and payments process optimization. We will also focus on providing insights and guidance on how to pick the right options and how to sequence them to balance accelerated short term improvements, tied with a longer term robust continuous optimization roadmap based on SAP S4HANA solutions.

In this 90 minute webinar we will cover 4 primary important areas:

Real-time cash management, hereunder cash position visibility, cash forecasting, liquidity dashboard

Nasarius will together with SAP present best practices for the end to end cash management process all the way from the cash position and liquidity overview dashboard and analytical decision support at the top via forecasting alternatives down to the underlying integrated/real-time automated payments transactional processes. Key elements covered are SAP Cash Management (including Bank Account Management, Cash Position and Forecasting, Liquidity Management), Payment Factory (SAP Advanced Payment Management, SAP In-House Cash and SAP Multibank Connectivity) and SAP Analytics Cloud.

Working Capital in turbulent times

Nasarius will expand on how SAP solutions can support supply chain finance processes as a source for liquidity – or to support your up-/downstream supply chain ecosystem.

End-to-end Treasury and Risk Management process

Nasarius will together with SAP explain how the end-to-end process can be optimized into streamlined and automated processes all the way from real-time trustworthy dashboards and reporting of positions, exposures and risks, through analysis and decision making into the actual trading, settlement and valuation/accounting including tight external integration. Key elements covered are SAP Treasury and Risk management and SAP Analytics Cloud.

How to identify and select the right options to balance accelerated short term improvements with a longer term robust continuous optimization roadmap.

Nasarius will share experience from seeing how treasuries are often torn between short term improvement needs and being linked into/dependent on larger corporate programs – and share our view on how to achieve the right balance with a structured roadmap including considered mix of short/medium and longer term initiatives. This also covers consideration and tips on what can be done even if you are still on SAP ECC versus S4HANA. SAP will explain the various deployment options to support this roadmap.


Susanne Friis Skov (Managing Director at Nasarius Denmark)

Pål Bagstevold (Managing Director at Nasarius Norway)

Aravindh Prasanna (Managing Director at Findroids)

Christian Schmid (Customer Solution Advisor Treasury EMEA at SAP)


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