Bank Relations

We have the knowledge, experience and tools to ensure your business choose the right banking partners, structure and setup.

Request for Proposal

Nasarius has a long track record of supporting corporates with a highly-structured bank selection process.

We know the triggers and timing for bank RfP’s and can assist you scoping your RfP. We provide structure with templates for RFP, RFI and RFQ documents, data collection templates, pricing templates and weighted selection models.

Using Nasarius’ methodology, we enable you to compare and choose the most suitable banking partner to meet your needs.

Banking structure

Nasarius can help you analyze which type of banking structure is most suitable for your needs

Some of the important elements included in the analysis are geographical needs, your risk profile, your need for funding, your currency split, and mapping the capabilities of the banks

Banking Implementation

Nasarius can offer implementation support for new and modified banking structures. This can range from project management support to technical support and issue solving and test management in relation to establishing a new infrastructure for a new banking partner.

Make the most of your potential for improvement!