Treasury Reporting

We provide flexible and tailored reporting solutions for our customers to optimize their business decisions.

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Efficient reporting process

  • Setting up process and controls to achieve trustworthy data
  • Optimization of your standard reports, and building custom ones
  • Automatic monitoring, alerts send via email, slice and dice of information, drilldown reports

High-level of automation

  • Using In-memory technology or online updates to your data warehouse,
  • Active reports suggestions
  • Automatic reconciliations
  • Batch scheduled calculations and extractions

User-friendly dashboards

  • Evaluate on the right BI tools for you
  • Use Self-Service Web-based portal or MS-Office integrated solutions with modern and stunning visualizations

Compliance requirements (e.g. EMIR, Solvency, …)

  • Data extraction from your TMS system and set the integration with 3rd parties
  • Translation of incoming reports and messages

Robust architecture and integration

  • Blending information from different data-sources
  • Using direct database queries, preparing the semantic layers and data containers

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